Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love with a Side of Fetish


We love getting updates from past viewers. So naturally when we got this gem in our inbox from Bradley we were ecstatic. Bradley writes:

Hiya there guys, its Bradley from way up here in the Great White North (that's Canada for those that don't know who Bob and Doug Mackenzie are! lol).


I thought I'd take the liberty to send some more pics of me and my wonderful friends at the Montreal Fetish Weekend this past Labor Day.

Its truly a fantastic weekend of fun, fashion, kinky people and major non stop partying!


If you haven't been, then you must go....seriously....don't make me get the speculum! lol


Montreal is generally such an accepting and embracing city, that it makes the 'exhibitionist photo tour' during the weekend that much more fun! We all get dolled up in our kinky finery and give the citizens a shock and treat they don't soon forget!!!


Thank you so much for sharing Bradley. It looks like you had the time of your life!!!! And may I say, you look ravishing as ever!!! Feel free to send us pics any time. We love your energy! big big hugs!