Thursday, December 23, 2010

Open Your Hands


Recently I was given the perfect gift, a Manicure Set by VIVO . I'm one of those people who have terribly dry cuticles.

When I was in beauty school, ages ago, I remember they used to tell us to take care of our hands and they will take care of your health. Meaning, if you have little cuts or you bite your cuticles you are then allowing germs to enter those cuts and abrasions thus compromising your health.

In the manicure set you have a 3 step nail buffer that leaves your nails with a nice natural shine, a standard nail filer, a delicious hand lotion with a soothing scent, and tea tree oil which works miracles on cuticles.

If you're looking to give someone a last minute gift may I suggest you give them healthy soft hands. Then you can ask them to put those hands to work on you, if you know what I mean ;-)