Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who Is Nicki Minaj?


From the moment I saw Nicki Minaj on Mariah Carey's "Up Out My Face" I was all like "who is this woman?"

I saw her pop up a few other places since.

Last night my roommate tuned to Chelsea Lately and we learned that she'd be the guest. I knew right away THAT was going to be an interview worth watching.

Chelsea Handler hits hard and is not all about rubbing her guest's feet. When you go on the Chelsea Handler show you better be ready to face a firing squad.

So when Nicki told Chelsea "Sit yo ass down" Nicki gained a few more points with me (video below)

Then when she started talking my language about alter-egos, she gained even more points. I totally got what she was saying. She sounded like a crazy person, but I totally got what she was saying.

I'm no stranger to rap, after all my alter-ego Amnesia Sparkles, helped the talented Soce win a rap battle on live radio with this song , and also sang an ill hook on another of Soce's mega hit which you can purchase on iTunes

Naturally I had to give Nicki Minaj's new CD "Pink Friday" a chance.

So here are my reactions to (mostly) the lyrics and the stories I think Nicki tells in her songs.

1. I'm The Best - she says I'm hear, in your face, AND WHAT!

2. Roman's Revenge w/ Eminem - one of Eminem's lines "A-a-a-a-all you li'l faggots can suck it. No homo, but I'ma stick it to 'em like refrigerator magnets." Really? Are we still using anti gay lingo in Rap? That's so last year. That being said, it's an interesting track since Roman is Nicki's gay boy alter-ego which Eminem is singing with in the track according to the above video.

3. Did It On'em - she plays the role of an "asshole?" since she repeats "Shitted on 'em, man I just shitted on 'em." most likly this is a song for the haters.

4. Right Thru Me - there is always someone that can see right through your mask and to the heart of your inner pain and inner most joy. this is an anthem to them.

5. Fly w/ Rihanna - Nicki's personal anthem where she tells us that she's on a personal mission to turn the nays into yays. My favorite song on the album

6. Save Me - she puts her hands up in the air and lets go of the hard exterior. she asks for help and guidance.

7. Moment 4 Life w/ Drake - she's great because of God and she feels alive!

8. Check It Out (With Nicki Minaj) will i am - haters can hate but she is still bigger than them.

9. Blazin w/ Kanye - She tells us that she's the best, again, and that we should invest in her.

10. Here I Am - she's a woman in pain but she's also a fighter

11. Dear Old Nicki - The succesful popular Nicki of today writes a letter to the early underground Nicki from back in the day. She misses her old self.

12. Your Love - she gets sensual and sings to her man

13. Last Chance w/ Natasha Bedingfield - she is ready for the race.

14. Super Bass w/ Ester Dean - she sings to the boys.

15. Blow Ya Mind - she shows you that she is a bad mamajama

16. Muny - sings about money, and the things money can buy.