Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Xmas Story

I LOVE THIS!!! Here is a Christmas tale right up our alley.


Rebecca writes:

Most recently, You posted a blog with a picture of you with a Santa cap on, wishing everyone a Merry X-mas. Well, thanks for the inspiration once again, because a couple of days later, I found a pink Santa cap with the words "More Naughty than Nice" at one of our local convenience stores. This was to be the theme for the photo shoot/story that I wrote, but once my wife and I started taking pictures, I had a blonde moment and completely forgot about the Santa cap. Then, at the end, we put the cap on and it looked ridiculous and the pictures looked better without it!

Here is the story. I hope that you enjoy it! WE had a great time putting it all together! I really do LOVE to write, as I am half Italian, so, you know what they say about Italians, "We always speak with our hands and there is ALWAYS passion when have something to say!"

Happy Holidays,
Picture 2

This is the best Christmas gift we could have ever gotten this year! Thank you. Rebecca, you and your wife rocked my world!! May you both receive much love and peace this season.