Monday, January 3, 2011

Amnesia's Hair Part 1

Picture 2

I think one of the most common questions we get here at GenderFun is the following:

I just wanted to ask you where you got your Amnesia wig (The one without bangs) as it looks sooo gorgeous I'd love to check that shop!

Thanks in advance and kisses from Spain!

Picture 6

Dear Hector,

I bought that wig in a little wig shop in South Florida about 9 years ago so heaven help me if I can remember the name of the store.

However the wig still has a tag inside and it reads
Noriko colllection by Aderans
100% modacrylic

I did a little search for you and found that was the Noriko line.

I tried to find the one that resembles Amnesia's hair the most and I'm guessing

Angelica G in Nutmeg is the closest?

I hope this helps you in your wig search.

Good luck and thank you for writing in.

Big hugs from me and Amnesia

Picture 5