Opportunity for Joy

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This book is a guide for discovering joy, the simple pleasure of living each day.
I am a psychotherapist, with an office in New York City. As I work with patients and listen to their stories, I search for themes that define the human condition.

These themes have melded into a philosophy centered upon living with joy...

No book can substitute for the process of psychotherapy.

But I hope these ideas will introduce you to the work of selfdiscovery at the heart of that experience.

-from the introduction to Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy

It was Saturday November 3rd, 2007 and Carl was throwing a house party in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Each house party has it's own energy. This one was young, vibrant, with one room full of people doing shots and dancing, and another room with people lounging on beds while talking about travel and their favorite cuisine. In other words, in one room it was like the Martha Stewart Show and the other was like The Jersey Shore.

Will and Will were an interracial couple laying on Carl's bed smiling a lot. You could just tell they were fun friendly folk. And you could tell they were very much in love. One of the Wills, the white one, and I struck up a conversation. We talked about Uruguay, my place of birth, and a few other things which due to the amount of booze I had that night and the fact that it was over three years ago I simply can't recall. I do remember getting great vibes from them and that in my book is all that matters. So it's no surprise I would find his business card in my pocket the next day.

Flash forward to April 26th, 2008. At the time I was working on a photo series with Asian Individuals as the main focus. Being that one half of Will and Will was Asian I asked if they would like their photo taken. The shoot was a success. They opened their doors to me and they were simply delightful. The Photos came out pretty good too if I may say so.

That day as we were in the apartment building's courtyard snapping photos in front of the rich tulips would be a very significant day of my life. One of Will's neighbors was walking by when Will called him over. That neighbor would later become the man, the great soul, with whom I would spend two and a half wonderful years of my life.

Naturally, when Will, white will, recently published his first book I had to run out and get it.

Will writes:

"The events in your life fall into two categories:
Things you don't control - governed by a bell curve of foreseeable outcomes.
Things you do control - a series of choices you make for yourself."

I had no idea that five months after the Brooklyn house party I would be meeting a man who filled my heart with such joy. There were a series of choices made in order to get me from that house party to that photo shoot, but it was nature's desire to move life forward, that unknown factor, the curiosity, that magic, which connects us and makes the journey worth while.

Now that you know how this book came into my life, I hope you welcome it into yours. I have a feeling it will bring you great awareness and above all Joy.

much love,

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