The Princess Boy

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Remember the cute little white boy who wanted to dress up like Daphne for Halloween last year?

Well, we all know that whatever white kids can do black kids can do it better. I'm kidding of course... or am I?

Enter Cheryl Kilodavis' son Dyson who inspired a book! Granted his mother wrote it, but still, take THAT Daphne. Your mom just wrote a blog post. pffff.

I think these two little divas should battle it out to see who gets a made-for-tv-movie first.

I got my money on Dyson. Mainly because I'm digging the pink.

How do you feel about these kids and their mothers? Is putting these kids through the media circus going a little too far? Shouldn't these kids be out and about playing with their friends instead of being placed in front of scary cameras and being asked questions by strange reporters?

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