Monday, January 31, 2011

Rupaul's Drag Race LIVE Blogging


Are you ready? Tonight starting at 10pm I'll be blogging my reactions LIVE to tonight's Rupaul's Drag Race new episode.
Tune into LOGO and come back here to check out how I feel about these queens.

Let's experience the fabulousness together shall we?

This is going to be fun.

10:00pm - Start your engines!

10:02pm - Shangela is not having Manila lol

10:05pm - ESP You know me. Phoenix and Mimi win the challenge

10:08pm "Return to Uranus" lol

Commercial break - I'm feeling a little bad for Mimi. She got picked last to be part of a team. It's like gym class all over again. awww Mimi :-(

10:15pm - Girls are not letting Mimi do her thang

10:17pm - Ru's laugh lol

Commercial break - Is Mimi trying to start drama with Phoenix?

10:23pm - oooooh Phoenix is a little lost

10:24pm - I'm living for Manila's monkey business.

10:27pm these girls are out of this world. mmmm mmmm and the pit crew guys in the back are delicious!!!!

Commercial break - Looks like Mimi is going to give us a bit of Leigh Bowery. Will the judges appreciate the throw back or will she come across like Uncle Fester?

10:32pm - Ru's dress is out of control!!!

10:34pm OMG I am gaggin with the catwalk!!! FUTURERAMA MAMA

10:37pm - The tranny trailers. lol MANILA KILLS ME. lol

Commercial Break - Ok, all the catwalk outfits were out of this world; however, I'm living for Phoenix and Raja's getup.

10:43pm - Team Mariah's trailer. The twins. lol OMG, my head exploded with Mimi's performance. THEY WIN the challenge. Breakout stars Alexis and Shangela. THEY WIN BOOBS!

10:48pm - Delta thinks she should go home!!!

Commercial break - Judges think Phoenix fell apart with her acting...uhm, she kinda was a bit flat but her catwalk was HOT! What happened to the Delta from the previous episode who said that a big gurl in the competition had a chance? She lost her confidence on this episode :-(

10:55pm - Phoenix is up for elimination!

10:56pm - Phoenix vs Delta!!!! OMG!

10:57pm - Delta is turning it out!!!

10:58pm - Delta stays. Phoenix sashay away

I have to say, as much as I liked Phoenix's outfit, Delta really did turn it out. I think Phoenix had great potential to go far in this competition but when it came down to it Delta really killed it during the lip sync for her life portion.