A Scarf of Hope

Today my colleague told me her only surviving 94 year old grandmother fell and broke her hip recently. She also has a case of bronchitis. If THAT wasn't bad enough her sweet grandmother turned to my colleague and uttered the words "Why am I still here?" with despair in her voice. I could see the pain in my colleague's eyes as she told me this story.

I reacted as I often do when I hear stories like this, with a bit of outrage!

"WHY AM I STILL HERE?" I exclaimed. "She said "WHY AM I STILL HERE?" "You need to knock some sense into her," I told my colleague. "Why am I still here, because WE NEED YOU, that's why!" I exclaimed.

I proceeded to tell my colleague to ask her grandmother for help. I told her she needs to feel like she's contributing, like she is useful. To which a light switch went off in my colleague's mind. Her eyes lite up.

"She did knit me a scarf," said my colleague.
"There you go. Tell her I will pay her to knit me a scarf. I'm serious. I will." I said.
"Thanks Adrian, I appreciate that," said my colleague and smiled as she went on her way.

Listen, I know we all need to leave this party called LIFE at some point but you don't say "Why am I still here?" in a defeated tone to someone at the party prior to leaving. If you are going to leave the party you first kiss and hug your loved ones and do a little shimmy right before walking out the door. Sure the party won't be the same without you but do you want to bring the party down as you leave or do you want people to keep celebrating...your life?

That being said, I actually do need a scarf so that old lady better deliver or I'm going to be pissed ;-)

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