The Secret

It's always fun to pull up old blog entries. The following was posted on May 21, 2008:

I'm dating a guy whose gotten the impression that I'm a pessimist.
Me a pessimist?
If I watch the weather forecast and then tell someone that "it's going to rain today," that doesn't make me a pessimist, it makes me a "realist."
Granted, I'm believing the weather forecaster but I assume he would know more about "fronts" and "high and low pressure systems" than I.
Plus, why is rain such a downer anyway? The earth needs it and so do we.

So, this guy I'm dating has mentioned a few times that I should read "The Secret." I know enough about the book to have already made up my mind. "The Secret" does not attract me in the least. Talk about the laws of attraction. There is no way you will see me taking money out of my wallet to buy that book. I won't go into details in this post as to why I won't read it but I will share with you the email that I sent to my date.

well, if you have a copy of "The Secret" laying around I might give it a read, but there is no way I will buy a copy of it.

Plus, I can't read it yet. I'm in the middle of reading "Dude Where's my Country" by Michael Moore. I'm surprised that I like it even though I don't like him very much.

After, I plan to read "My point is...and I do have one" by Ellen Degeneres

I like to alternate between "meaty" books and funny books.

A few weeks ago I read "God is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens which is a good intellectual look at atheism (I liked it) and then I read "The Funny Thing is" by Ellen Degeneres which is simply hilarious. lol

I think I might have read "Celebrity Detox" by Rosie O'Donnell after Ellen and then I attempted too read "Everyday Zen" by Charllote Joko but I hated the author. I couldn't stand her voice.

wow, I didn't realize that I've been reading so much. I'm a pretty slow reader since English is my second language. A lot of people wouldn't think that about me since I tend to speak English without a Spanish accent. But I guess the more I practice the better I'll become.

ok, now that I made you read this long ass email, go out and enjoy this beautiful day.
Sure there is this smog over the harbour and over New Jersey but that's only toxic fumes that are slowly killing us. The Secret is to not think about that which is killing us on a daily bases.

big hugs,


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