Sunday, February 13, 2011

As Time Goes By

Bringing Sexy Back
(self-portrait Feb 2011)

I call the above self-portrait "Bringing Sexy Back." lol It's the first self pic of 2011 and I think it fits perfectly with how I've been feeling.

Physical UpdateSelf-Portrait Aug 2010
(2010 self photos click HERE)

Recently I started to understand what Joseph Campbell meant when he said that as we get older we tend to feel like we are made of more matter than energy.

Still at it.New Hair
(2009 self photos click HERE)

The body starts to get older and our energy changes.

(self-portrait Jun 2008)

We don't have that overflow of energy we used to have.

New King of Pop"Hibernating Photographer"
(2007 self photos click HERE)

We start to see the word a little different in our new older bodies.

Resident Alien
(2006 self photos click HERE)

We look back and wonder where we got the energy we had in order to do all that we did.

Re-invented Aug 2005
(2005 self photos click HERE)

We question if we will have the energy to reach all our goals and dreams in life.


But deep down inside we still recognize there is that inner child, that sees life as one big game.
And that child-like energy resurfaces... this time with experience on our side to guide our inner child through what's to come.

Blonde Me

Though our bodies get older and tired it's that inner child that reminds us life can still be a fun game... in diapers!