Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Today's viewer mail comes from our military services.

It reads:

I hope this email gets to the right address, I've been having issues about my being somewhat in the closet, although more like being in a revolving door. I'm serving in one of the military services over sea's so it's hard to be discreet. I saw episode 12 and it really struck home so I just wanted to thank all three of you, Dra-lo, Adrian, and Amnesia. So thank you very much.

Loves XOXO-

Hi T,
thanks so much for writing in.

Being in the closet can be difficult but it doesn't have to bring you down. Always remember that you don't have to share parts of yourself with everyone. If people ask you a question you are not ready to answer you don't have to lie about it, you simply and confidently tell them that you rather not discuss certain aspects of yourself - or you can change the subject.

What you do on your spare time, or who you are naturally attracted to has nothing to do with your ability to serve and perform a job.

A lot of people feel like keeping some information private (in the closet) equals "lying." I disagree. We don't walk around telling everyone how much money we have in the bank so why feel the need to tell everyone something we keep in the closet that we are not ready to discuss? you know what I mean?

Stay strong and confident Tiffinni and remember that when you share aspects of yourself with people it is THEIR privilege to listen to you. you share with them what you are ready to share when you are ready to share it.

thanks again for writing in.
much love from NYC

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