Monday, February 7, 2011

Rupaul's Drag Race LIVE Blogging


10:00pm start your engines

10:03 big girls are going to sweat in this episode

10:04 challenge involves duck tape.

10:06 neon duck tape leotards winners Carmen and Manila

10:07 new challenge is to make a workout video ala Amnesia workout video

Commercial break - the girls are still not loving Mimi. this could get ugly

10:13 garage doors. lol

10:18 OMG Susan Powter!!!! STOP THE INSANITY

Commercial Break - why does this feel like I'm watching a train wreck? and why do I love it so

10:23 Alexis is killing me lol

10:26 lol Mimi is going to kill them. lol

10:30 OMG they killed me with their workout. I was laughing soooo hard!!! GIRLS YOU ROCK!

Commercial break

10:34 they're back. girls are getting ready for the runway.

10:35 awww Mimi was thrown out by her family :-(

10:36 Rupaul looks AMAZING!!!

10:36 La TOya is in the HOUSE!

10:40 I dont have words for the runway segment. they all look AMAZING!!!

Commercial break. i'm still thinking of those outfits.

10:45 they're back. Leave the stage... now

10:48 Ru's words are crazy deep.

10:50 "she may have gone to the other side" Rupaul said about Mimi

Commercial break

10:54 they're back

10:55 india is in the bottom. with MIMI

10:58 MIMI is out!!!!!

ouch that hurts

that was really sad