Friday, February 4, 2011

Total Eclipse of a Sailor Moon

Still 18

Today's viewer mail comes from the very fun and young Andy.

Andy writes:

my name is Andy and I am a huge fan of your site.
When I started discovering my love of crossdressing your videos showed me how to use makeup and how to have confidence! I have a very unconventional outlet. Being that I am a Nerd of the highest caliber, I love to go to conventions. ITs wonderful to be able to dress up as many different characters all of whom have different personalities and different styles. I am very open about crossdressing which is (aside from rather rare seeing as I am on the heterosexual side of the Kinsey scale) thanks to you.

Thanks for being you and giving me confidence :)
(the first and third pictures are a costume that I was going to wear to an Anime Convention, however plans do not always work out. The second is a costume I wore to Katsucon in February. I hope you like them I have been working very hard on improving my makeup skills).

Still 2

Hi Andy,
how are you?

thank you so much for writing to me! You seem like a real cool guy.

You look really good as a girl, and the make up looks great in the photos. I really like the wig too. it frames your face very nicely.

Let me ask, is the green skirt outfit a Sailor Moon character? I never watched Sailor Moon but I used to have a friend who knew everything there was to know about that cartoon. All I know is that the girls in that cartoon were really pretty and sexy.

You also look really pretty and delicate in the pink outfit. Well done!

Thanks again for writing. You're a rock star!

keep up the good work.
big hugs brotha/sista

Still 193

Hello Adrian,
Thanks for the response (I was really excited when I saw your e-mail). Anyways, yes the costume is sailor Jupiter. I really love the show for its campy charm.

The Pink outfit was a costume for halloween as well as a second con (I was a fairy :D).

Again thanks for the note and if I am ever in New York I will check out your business once it opens.
Your Friend,

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