What Do You Do?

I live in New York City. Here people love to ask that irritating question "so, what do you DO?"

Recently a friend of mine was laid off. He's been speaking to various headhunters, outplacement counselors, and fellow bankers "in transition." At his first outplacement group orientation, he tells me "I felt like I was at an AA meeting, i.e. "Hello, my name is Rob"..."Hi Rob." A guy walked up to him and presented him with that good ol annoying question"so, what do you do", to which my friend responded with: "nothing, obviously, which is why I am here".

You can imagine the reaction I get from folks when I tell them that I run a website called GederFun.com. Their eyes glimmer only to be overcome with confusion when I tell them that 90% of my readers are Straight Men who like to dress up as women. I get a bit of a kick from their ignorance.

We live in a time where women's sexuality isn't questioned if they wear pants but put a skirt on a man and POOF he must be GAY!

I not only get this assumption from straight people but to my surprise I also get it from gay people. These gay people are usually the ones that tend to see sexuality as black and white, Gay or Straight, as if there isn't a sexual spectrum.

This just reinforces the fact there is still much work to be done to bring the GenderFun consciousness to a greater audience.

Maybe when presented with the question "what do you do," I should start saying "my friends and I bring gender consciousness to the world."

Or I could simply say I run a site visited by the sexiest readers out there ;-)

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