Getting the Band Back Together

I got an email today. We are getting my old band back together for one night only!

Back in 2006 I used to work with a group of guys who started a cover band just for fun. They learned that I had some performing background and so they told me I had no choice but to joined them as the lead singer. How could I resist?

Even though we weren't the most skilled band we knew how to give the audience a great show. It wasn't about the six guys on stage but about the audience singing along to popular rock tunes from bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, U2, Talking Heads, Weezer, The Strokes, The Killers etc. It was all about letting loose and partying!

We started small with a concert for charity then we grew to having over 300 rocking friends in the audience.

In 2007 we learned that there was a Battle of the Corporate bands. We cut a demo and entered. To our surprise not only did we get accepted to the battle but we made it all the way to the finals.

Unfortunately, for reasons I can't discuss, we had to drop out of the finals. We were devastated. Especially since the finals were at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Museum. When else would our little cover band get to play such a venue?

Then the recession of 2008 hit and the band fell apart. Two of the guys left New York to focus on their careers and the rest of us focused on individual projects. That's when I started planning to create this site.

Flash forward to today. Turns out the sax player is getting married this summer so his wish was to have the band play at his wedding reception. He's getting married in Ohio but he wants to throw a reunion concert in New York. Me and the guys just couldn't say no.

The sax player is currently looking for a venue and it seems the concert will be in mid to late June!!! The best part is that I think it will be open to the public so I'll have to keep you guys updated in case you want to swing by and have some beers with us.

These guys are great. I think of them as my brothers and our 300 plus band fans are like our family.

I'm just thrilled that we will be sending the sax player, Dan, off into a new stage of his life.

This will be a very touching concert.

With the help of the crowd we are going to rock the joint!!


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