How To Walk In Heels

If you visit this humble site regularly you know that it's no secret that I find great joy in women's shoes. To me they are a work of art. I simply love them.

Another of my greatest joy in life is when one of my male friends comes over and see my shoes and asks "can I try them on?" They slip into them and instantly light up. Sometimes it's their first time wearing women's shoes (as seen at the end of the GenderFun Documentary) and although they don't know how to walk in them they embrace the challenge. That fills my heart with a great deal of joy.

Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to give some tips today when I received an email from Kirstin who writes:

"i have been a crossdressers since i was 12 and i think i'm pretty good at it. i just can't figure out the walking part. i try and i look silly. can you help me?"

Hi Kirstin,

Walking in heels is fun isn't it? Although it can be challenging, with practice it becomes second nature.

Here are two videos I think you'll find helpful.

They mostly focus on the physical aspect of walking in heels.

For me personally, walking in heels is as much technical as it is emotional. I try to think of feminine energy. I imagine my body as being soft and sensual. Then I imagine the heels as being something to conquer. I take each step with confidence turning soft and sensual into empowering movement which carries my body through space in a flirtatious manner.

Walking is about getting from point A to point B. Walking in heels is about doing the same with style and confidence.

As a man right before picking up a weight at the gym we tell ourselves "I got this, I can do it, I'm going to kick some ass." That is very aggressive sexual masculine energy. There is a challenge in front of you (the weight) which you will conquer.

As a woman the high heels become that challenge. And although women are thought to be softer and weaker they posses a great deal of internal strength. Taping into that energy helps a great deal when conquering high heels.

Practice makes perfect.

I wish you much success!
Keep me updated on your progress.
And remember to think confident thoughts.

big hugs

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