Like Father NOT Like Son

Today's viewer mail comes from a young cross dresser who still lives with his parents.
He writes:

"My dad took my clothes and he won't let me dress up anymore how do I tell them i am serious about this"

I would recommend you sit down with him and have a long and productive chat.
Clearly he doesn't understand why you like to dress up.

Does he like fishing? Maybe you guys can go fishing and you can explain it to him.
He might be scared or his pride might be hurt.
The point is you have to come to an understanding that works best for you both.
He might not realize that there are over 9 million people who cross dress in the United States.
There is nothing wrong with cross dressing as your hobby.
Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you have to have "typical guy" hobbies.
He needs to understand that you are no less of a man.

Stay calm and strong. I always think it takes a bigger man to be comfortable in his sexuality and body to admit he enjoys dressing in women's clothe.
Stay confident.
This is a growing experience for you and your dad.

The important thing here is you have to show your dad that you are a MAN, and as a MAN you can make decisions that best suit you.

good luck buddy.

Dear Reader if all else fails show your dad this video

What would you suggest our young reader do?

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