Small, MEDIUM, at Large

I grew up around Santeria, so I'm no stranger to weird and unexplained occurrences.

I've grown used to having a person contact me out of the blue after not seeing or talking to them in months. This usually happens because I was thinking of them, or because I wrote their name down on a piece of paper. That has happened to me with two different people in the past month alone.

What happened this morning though was a bit unexpected, something that has never happened to me before. I was in the middle of an action packed dream (I won't go into details) when Patricia Arquette says to me in the dream "It's 5:30 in the morning." I chuckled, looked at her and said "yeah right." She then looked at me as if daring me to wake up. So I woke up. I turned to see the clock, and sure enough it was 5:30AM on the dot!

At least today's voice was a lot milder than the one years ago where it told me a car was going to come straight at me (video below).

As crazy as it sounds a few days later a car crashed right outside my bedroom window. My headboard was set up against the window.

I probably will never admit to believing in any of this "magic" stuff, yet the fact that these things happen is pretty creepy... and a little fun.

Have you ever had a supernatural medium type of occurrence in your life?


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