Biggest Queens on Broadway

Broadway's Priscilla Queen of the Desert In Rehearsal

Last Tuesday for my birthday a very special man in my life got us tickets to see the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway!

It was spectacular! A very high energy show, outlandish costumes, upbeat popular songs, and a very heartwarming story.
I must say, I rather enjoyed the musical more than I enjoyed the film. I think, CAMP, translates better on stage than it did in the film.

The most impressive thing about the experience was looking around in the audience and seeing a large mix of demographic. I expected a large number of gays but by the looks of it it was predominantly straight middle age women. There were also straight couples with children of all ages. This thrilled me since the show's main message is that of "acceptance."

I strongly recommend you come see this show. It will bring tears of joy to your eyes... and it will have you dancing out the door.

If you follow this site you'll remember that my alter-ego Amnesia Sparkles and her friends Candi Shell, and Rachael Slur auditioned to be in Priscilla Queen of the Desert last year. We'll have footage of the day of the audition in episode #4 of Amnesia's reality show "Getting Amnesia." Here's a sneak peek.

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