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Monday I got in drag to go to the Rupaul Drag Race Final Party in NYC.
I might do a full recap of the fab night later on in the week but for now how about I give you some info you can actually use. Here is a breakdown of the outfit I put together for the event (seen in above video).

Click on links below for details:

Hat, Necklace, Ruby Bracelet, Earrings, Ruby Ring:
Black Hair clip flower, Disco Flower (top of hat), Red Lapel Flower:
Sasha Hangbags Inc
Sequin Short:
Fredericks of Hollywood
Red Light Up Shoes:
Nina Shoes

The hair was a gift from my mom years ago and all other items I've had for so long I can't remember where I got them. They don't call me Amnesia for nothing ;-)

The customer service for was outstanding! They pulled some strings to get me that lovely necklace and bracelet in time for the event. I give them 10 starts!!!

Also, the Disco Flower Hair Clip was a gift from! In the spirit of Spring we'll do a giveaway soon where we will give you a chance to own that very same disco flower that Amnesia wore to the Rupaul Drag Race Finale Party!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the above video.

If you have a fun Spring daytime or nighttime look feel free to send in your photos @

Keep on Sparkling gang.

ps -
Oh, for those of you who are new to this blog and were wondering where the boobs came from...if you want to know the secret click HERE

btw - The above look is the 2011 take on a look I tried on for the first time in 2009 HERE

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