Girl on Girl Action at the Airport

People are losing their shit over the video of a 6 year old girl receiving a pat down by a TSA agent [video above].

You know, it actually doesn't bother me if a TSA agents wants to touch me. They can do a cavity search on me for all I care... so long as the person doing it is cute.

But going back to that little girl. Lets say IF her parents were using her to smuggle drugs/bomb wouldn't a K9 unit be a better way to sniff for drugs/bombs instead of a pat down? At least with a dog the kid and the parents wouldn't feel like their personal space was being violated.

But I guess the cost of a sniffing dog is greater than paying a TSA worker, right? It must be, otherwise TSA worker pat downs would be out and dogs would be in.

That being said, I think a K9 unit would:

a) be more accurate in sniffing for bombs/drugs than a pat down
b) be less of a threat to personal space
c) be a hell of a lot cuter than some TSA agents (j/k but not really)


That being said, I would NOT allow a dog to perform a cavity search on me because THAT would constitute as bestiality. Homey don't play dat!

What do you prefer, a TSA agent touching your private parts or a dog sniffing your ass? My vote goes to the dowgs!

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