How to Talk Dirty to A Man

I usually don't discuss sex on this site but we got an email from a female in need and I felt compelled to lend her a "hand."
She mentioned that her boyfriend gets really turned on by dirty talk but she is unsure what to say since she rarely uses words during sex.

In response to her email here is what I consider The Dirty Talk Basics:

a) Tell him what you like about him
b) Tell him what you'd like him to do
c) How you like it
d) How it makes you feel when he does it
e) Ask if he likes it
f) Ask for more

Put it all together and you get something like this

I love your hard dick (a) rubbing against my wet clit* (b) : gently, then harder and harder (c) . It drives me crazy (d).
You like being deep inside me (e)? I want you in me. Fuck me, please. Fuck me. Fuck me hard (f)

*If you're a gay man reading this you can skip right to "Fuck Me"
* Girls, if your man likes the word "pussy" then go with "wet pussy" instead of "wet clit."

"Fuck me" is a great combination of words. You can use it in a "begging tone" such as "Oh, please fuck me. Fuck me please." (i.e. "I want your cum so bad.")

Or you can use "Fuck me" in a much more dominating way, as an order. Like "Fuck me you piece of shit, fuck me hard. Ram your dick in me" (i.e."cum all over me.")

The beauty of the phrase"Fuck me" is that you can alternate it during sex. For example you can start by letting him take the lead and you beg him, "Fuck me please." Then when things get heated and you are nice and wet and things start to speed up and you want to be banged harder you switch gears by demanding forcefully and confidently "FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!"

After a bit you can slow things down and go back to a slow sensual rhythm where you beg for more "Oh yeah, please fuck me with your throbbing hard cock, yes."

Some guys like for a girl to beg more than others, and some guys like a girl to be bossy more than others. Try both angles and see which one drives him crazier. You have to figure out if your man enjoys being the dominant one during sex or if he would rather be your sex slave, or a combination of both.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that sex is a fun activity. It's a great way to role play, live out your fantasies, decompress, and most importantly burn calories.

Let your emotions do most of the work and don't over think it.

When in doubt just use "Fuck Me" in all it's varied ways of saying it. "Fuck Me" is a good phrase to start with. HERE are some other examples of dirty talk phrases.

The sky is the limit!!!

Be as creative and as NASTY as you want to be! You can be a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets honey!

Fucking is something that you do together so make sure to ask him which dirty talking phrases he would love to hear from you. Which one turns him on the most. He might just turn to you and say "I want you to beg for my cum on your face."

Once you find the right phrases that work for him, you'll be able to get him hard via TEXT. Trust me on this one, I know from experience (click HERE for Sexting post)

Dirty Talk can really spice up your sex life!

You don't have to make sensual romantic LOVE every time you have sex. Sometimes a guy just needs to fuck the shit out of you and you need to use your dirtiest vocabulary to make his hard pumping masculinity explode all over your tits YOU CUM GUZZLING WHORE!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away.

Thanks for writing in.

Have fun dirty talking Girl!
Big Hugs to you

ps - whatever you do DO NOT do what Brenda does in the below video

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