Just Dance

Last week I attended a fantastic dance performance call "Glen, Girl, Gallery," over at CPR Center for Performance Research.

The piece was created by Gwen Welliver with Kayvon Pourazar, Stuart Singer and Julia Burrer.

I was introduced to Mr Singer through one of my roommates and being that Singer is a joyful soul I simply had to check out his dance skills in person.

I had absolutely no expectations. I love dance so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

I'm not going to go into details but I will say this, it was fantastic! Very abstract. No "music" per say, instead it was a kaleidoscope of noises and screeching sounds made by a cello and some percussion instruments composed by Jake Meginsky and Vic Rawlings. This made for a perfect contrast with the the dancers at times dancing in complete silence. Outstanding.

Then there was Singer. His strength was incredible. He flares his body every which way and then holds incredibly uncomfortable poses for what seems entirely impossible long periods of time for a human.

In the end, Singer slays the audience with a few slow gestures and then an unexpected sharp pose. Lights out.


I don't think there is video of the performance but I did manage to find this video of Singer (white shirt) killing another performance.

Stick to it to the end. Its like taking a journey to another Universe


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