Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oprah Says "I Can't"

Well, it's happened: Queen Oprah said those two words I thought were not in her vocabulary: "I CAN'T."

Two days ago Oprah posted the above video responding to her audience plea for her to save the cancelled soaps "One Life to Live," and "All My Children."

At the end of the above video she simply said "Thank you for believing I could save them (the soaps) but I really CAN'T!!!!"

This is Oprah we are talking about. Of course she COULD SAVE the soaps by airing them on her new OWN nextwork BUT because of low viewership she would probably lose money since the cost of production is probably more than what the network could ask from advertisers.

Or course some Oprah and soap fans who don't understand how TV business works will simply see Oprah as being a cold business woman. Take for example the below comment from a youtuber:

"Congrats, you have become a network exec and have lost what it was that we all saw in you. We wanted you to help us not necessarily put them on your network. If it was a fit because O is supposed to be women's TV then that would be great. Instead you give us a cold fish uncaring business woman's answer - and behind a desk. Guess it is a good thing you are going off tv."

I understand where Oprah is coming from but at the same time the above video did leave me feeling a bit dry and like the queen had killed people's hope. So what would I have done?

I would have said,

I won't promise I will save the soaps but if YOU campaign for them and make at least 2 million people rally together in support of these soaps on Facebook then I will have a better chance of convincing companies to advertise during the airing of these shows.

As you can see there is not much support for these soaps on Facebook
One Life To Live Facebook page
All My Children Facebook page

If there is a large number of people, lets say at least 2 million loyal viewers for each show, then I will gladly bring them to my network for a one year contract.

That is what I would have said. Still business, but with a glimmer of hope AND it makes the loyal viewers in charge of saving their favorite soaps. Think of it as SOAP IDOL instead of American Idol.

It's in your hands America.