Pillow Fight NYC, Spring, And Shopping

What a gorgeous day!
Nothing like some sushi for lunch, then some bubble tea, then off to Filene's Basement to get a good view of the Union Square Pillow Fight (pic above).

While up there I saw these two sequins clutches I simply had to buy. They were 20% off. How could I resist? I also ended up buying a fabulous black and white stripe Spring hat. Maybe I'll take a photo of them and post it later on.

After, my good friend and I sat on a park bench to enjoy the sun and the warm Spring air. There we struck up a conversation with a very nice Arab man. Striking up a conversation with a stranger on a park bench is such a New York thing. I love it.

Then while walking in the farmer's market we spotted some beautiful flowers for sale, so while my friend filmed the flowers I busted out my new Spring lady hat making three strangers crack up. They enjoyed the spectacle enough to ask me if they could take my picture. We all had a good laugh as I buzzed like a bee over the flowers while they snapped photos.

Smiles all around.

I'm fighting a cold today but I wasn't going to let that hold me back.

It might have snowed yesterday but today was the ultimate Spring day.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

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