Sluts Unite

Looks like a Toronto officer said that women should avoid dressing like "sluts" in order to NOT be victimized?
Then over 2000 sluts got together and marched their slutty asses in protest.
Good for them for not allowing cops to blame the victim.

Making a remark such as the one the officer made is like saying that gay bashing or trans bashing is ok because the victim brought attention to themselves with what they were wearing.

I'm all for freedom of expression through your own personal fashion style. Let's not forget that my alter-ego did look like a two cent whore in the subway system not too long ago.... but for the most part I like to adhere to Time, Place, Manner as I discussed in a previous post titled "How to Crossdress in Public," so I can see good intentions behind what the officer said. Still, I think the officer probably should have phrased it a bit differently.

Maybe the officer should have said something like "Sluts, you are brave, daring, fearless, and in some cases even sexy... and a few of you smell good too. These qualities in a woman can drive a douche bag crazy enough to want to rape your ass. So please be careful of douche bags that are out to rape your slutty asses. I love sluts. Not because they are easy but because they show off their goods with confidence. And everyone likes confidence. I watch sluts the same way sluts go window shopping. That's why I want them to be aware of their surroundings and how douche bags may get the wrong signals from your sluttiness. It's true, No means No, but please sluts, be safe. Douche bags will be douche bags and you shouldn't stop being yourself...but please be safe. "

Are you a slut?
How do you feel about this issue?

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