Finding God in Heels

Let me tell you a story of a crossdresser who found God.

Back in December I got an email from a young viewer who made me a proposition.

"You have an amazing taste in footwear, however after a while you might get tired of a pair of wide size 10 heels...I could buy that pair from you!"
"right now I am working my way through college and I'm not really in any position to afford awesome new shoes."

College budgets can truly be a downer. So a couple of days ago I email this viewer asking him for his address. I wanted to send him a surprise gift. I didn't tell him that I was going to send him a hot pair of stilettos.

I bought the shoes for myself. However, after reading this viewer's email I decided it would probably bring him a great deal of why not give them away,right? A very "Oprah's Favorite Things" thing to do.

However, he declined the idea of me sending him a gift even though I hadn't told him that the gift would be a new pair of fabulous stilettos.

"I have to say no thank you to your gift" he replied.

I'm sure he figured out it would be women's shoes base on his original email to me.

You may be asking yourself "Why would anyone decline a gift?"


"I'm a very different person today than I was back then. (five-six months ago)" he said in his email.
"I've personally stopped crossdressing (very difficult and painful, it feels like addiction withdrawals),"
"You see, crossdressing never gave me fulfillment."
"I was always just looking for love, looking to feel beautiful, looking to be free from my everyday life and struggles."
"Crossdressing would give me a taste of those things, but they were all false, they never lasted. But, I've finally found real love! and real freedom! I've started to actually live a life of love dedicated to God."

If you visit this humble site you may know that I consider myself a spiritual person and that I enjoy the art of crossdressing. Naturally, I felt compelled to reply to this beautiful young man. Here's what I said:

I totally understand where you're coming from.

I think there are a lot of guys out there that love crossdressing but then feel trapped, imprisoned by it. Crossdressing becomes this thing that takes over them and they eventually feel it's something from which they must escape.

I can understand that type of crossdresser. They lose themselves in the act instead of finding their divinity during the process.

I think what's interesting about that particular type of crossdresser is that they seem to forget that crossdressing is a hobby and not something that demands that you place all your identity within it. (you are more than just a person who enjoys crossdressing)

I think it's important to understand that crossdressing is also many things beyond a hobby: it can be a career, as well as a random eventful act (like during Halloween), etc.

I think the divinity in crossdressing (when found) comes from understanding that the body is temporal and it can be adorned in many ways.

In addition, the simple act of purchasing adornments for your body is helping feed those families that have created that which you wear. (your actions are helping others by simply decorating yourself)

Thank you for sharing your story with me and I wish you many blessings.

much love,

In conclusion I would like to say, try to NOT build a prison on top of a blossoming garden. If you truly enjoy something in life, something as harmless as crossdressing (the act of wearing the opposite gender's clothes), do it for the right reasons. Do it because you know that you're being true to your feelings and emotions. If the day comes where you don't feel it anymore then occupy your time with other endeavours. Just remember, between working and worshiping there is always time for a little Gender Fun.

Your body is a blank canvas, how it's painted is up to you, God's little artist.

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