Boy or Girl Either Way it's Sweet

Revealing Baby Sex in a Cake is becoming more and more popular these days.

The parents-to-be ask their doctor to write the baby's gender on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope. Then they drop off the envelope at a bakery and ask the baker to whip up a pink or blue cake filling, depending on the gender. The outer icing is white, so no one knows the secret — not even the parents — until the cake is cut.

The Dugger family did it on The Today show back in 2009 and it seems to have taken off.

I think this is super cute and fun but why stop there? Why not have cake the day you tell your family that you are a Drag Queen, Crossdresser, Transgender, or heck anything that they might think will affect the way your gender is perceived? If we are going to celebrate other people's gender before they are born might as well celebrate it after they are born as well.

If your family doesn't want to join in your celebration then at least they are left with cake.

And who doesn't like cake?

Just an idea.

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