Internet sensation Chris Crocker in his latest video titled "FEMME Gays give the community a bad rep?" talks about how some masculine gay guys look down upon Femme gay guys (video above).

There are a lot of issues with this topic but I like to sum it all up with three terms
"Misogyny,""Gynophobia," and most importantly "The Bro Disease."

Although Chris is talking about the "gay community" this issue of Masculine guys discriminating against Femme guys crosses sexual orientation and it's a manifestation of "The Bro Disease." As many of my straight male cross dressing readers know from experience, some straight guys also have a problem with other straight guys expressing their "feminine" side or simply not coming off as "masculine" as a man should.

This type of discrimination is not just about Misogyny and Gynophobia but it's also about discriminating against anyone who deviates from the traditional male role aka "The Bro Disease." Perhaps the men who discriminate against other males who deviate from traditional male roles are afraid to tap into their own softer side or they simply "don't like it" because that's not how "men should act."

I think some guys, whether straight or gay, fear that if they express their feminine side they will lose their "male power" their dominance, and they will lose respect from their counterparts. Little do they know that they can gain a great deal of confidence and respect by simply trying on a pair of heels, experiencing what wearing eyeliner feels like, enjoying a manicure, or any of the countless other "non traditional male" activities and mannerisms.

There is nothing I respect more than a man who is not afraid to explore all aspects of gender roles.

Exploring gender roles is great but at the end of the day you have to be true to yourself and express yourself in the gender role in which you are most comfortable, keeping in mind and respecting the fact that other males may fall somewhere else on the gender role spectrum. THAT is true gender freedom, anything less is a gender prison of fear aka "The Bro Disease."

Girls expressing their masculine side and guys expressing their feminine side is part of what makes this world so much fun. I wouldn't want it any other way.

You know what I mean, Bro?

Your thoughts?


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