Osama, You're Fired!

"What do you think of Donald Trump?" asked my roommate as I sat watching an episode of Celebrity Apprentice.

Seems Trump's name has been in the news lately because of his quest for Obama's birth certificate and also the fact that the latest Celebrity Apprentice episode was interrupted by the President's speech regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

So what do I think of Donald Trump?

David Brooks says in his latest book "The Social Animal" regarding his protagonist Harold: "Harold judged himself by his intentions, his friends by their deeds, and his rivals by their mistakes."

I am not Donald Trump, he is not my friend, and as far as I'm concerned he's not even my rival so why would I have an opinion about the man...because I watch and enjoy his show Celebrity Apprentice. I really enjoy shows where they peg the men vs the women. THAT'S GENDER FUN. Not to mention LATOYA JACKSON! She cracks me up! Bless her soul.

I also love shows that can teach you a thing or two about business. And the number one factor why I watch Celebrity Apprentice is because it's a show that raises a boat load of money for charities...and they only demand I give them an hour of my time each week. In a way my voyeurism is helping raise money for charity. As long as the show brings in good ratings it will stay on the air. As long as it stays on the air they will keep raising money for charity.

Marlee Matlin raised 1 million dollars for her charity The Starkey Hearing Foundation so far this season. DID YOU HEAR ME? 1 million!

Doesn't THAT sound great? Giving 1 million to Starkey Heading Foundation is like music to my ears.

So what do I think of Donald Trump?

We all have our positive and negative qualities and if we are to judge an individual by the content of their character and the deeds they perform, tipping the scale more towards the positive, then base on Trump having created a TV show that gives so much to charity I have to commend him for that.

If you think Trump's negative deeds outweigh the positive then feel free to let me know what those deeds were. I would love to hear what YOU think regarding that man.


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