Amnesia's Hair Part 2


Today's viewer mail comes from Hollie. She writes:

Hi, I saw on Gender fun about the wigs but you never did say what the curly wig you wear so often is. I've looked everywhere for one like it and I'll be darned if I can find one that is the same. My wife loves it and I love the cute look. Help me out girl and keep up the good work. You look like you are having a ball and I think dressing should be fun so you're an inspiration. Take care and smile often.


Dear Hollie,

believe it or not the curly hair wig (above video) was an xmas gift from my MOTHER. She bought it in some wig store in Florida years ago, who knows where!

I looked at the tag inside it and it said "Magic Touch." After a little googling I think I may have found the manufacturer.

Here is the info. Hope this helps.

For wig company website click HERE

Picture 3
thanks for writing in.

much love to you and the wife!


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