Kill the Gays?

In honor of LGBT Pride Month here is my imaginary conversation with someone who hates gay people:

I don't like gay people.

You mean like, ALL gay people or just a few of them?

All of them. Homosexulity is nasty. It's a sin.

The act of homosexuality or having homosexual thoughts?


So you wish neither existed?

Yeah, we should kill them all.

Well, you know, historically straight people are the ones responsible for breeding gay people. Why stop at killing gay people? Why not kill the parents of gay children since they are the ones who brought the gay kid into this world? Why, why stop there? Why not kill ANY straight person who has ever had a homosexual thought? Including guys who enjoy watching two girls kiss. Why not just round them all up and put them in ovens like Hitler did?


Stop being such a Nazi and let the gays live already.


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