Sunday, August 7, 2011

Maintaing the Body

(Me circa 2000)

I was sitting in Union Square yesterday with a lovely gentleman when he suddenly expressed his distaste for "heavy people." This after I had pointed at a group of heavy girls in the distance. I was trying to make a point that sometimes living in New York, where you see supermodels walking down the street, you tend to forget what the rest of America looks like.

As you may know from reading this site I went through some crap in the past year and,well, ended up with 20 extra pounds.

You're probably thinking 20lbs is nothing. True. But put a 20lbs weight in a backpack and walk around wearing it in front of you. It's not fun to carry that much weight after a while.

For the past 14 days I've been doing a light detox.

No Coffee
No Alcohol
No Cigarettes
Cut down meat consumption

Because of my back injury I shouldn't lift heavy weights so I workout with a pull up bar and some Resistance Exercise Bands for low impact. It's really doing the trick.

(Aug 2011)

All my life I've heard people say that as you get older your metabolism starts to slow down. At 32 years old my body does seem to react differently to food but I think the key is to not over eat and to MOVE.

If you've been postponing starting a diet how about you join me in the next 2 weeks to cut out coffee and alcohol from your diet, and cut down meat consumption to only 3 days a week or less.

Turns out it might be true what they say, if you eat more veggies and fruits you're body will thank you.

Don't make it about losing the weight. Make it about being good to YOU.

Here's an interesting look at the ol body throughout the years:

ps - This is one funny ass promo