Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Stiletto Workout

Picture 1

Hey ladies, looks like this is a thing now.

The Stiletto Workout Program was designed to help shape and form the body in a new, fun, sexy way, at the same time encouraging proper posture and the ability to walk more confidently in your highest of heels.

Funny that I came across this workout program because I've been trying to convince my hot talented roommate, who teaches dance classes in gyms around New York City, to teach a Stiletto class for both men and women!!!! He still needs some convincing. I would assist with the class and choreography. Of course he'll have to agree to do it if we get enough interest don't you think?

We would probably start with a workshop where we explore everything from walking in heels, sitting in heels, and then do a short dance routine. OMG THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!

It would be open to EVERYONE Men and Women.

I've not taught a class in years but I remember how much I love spending time with a class...hmmmm, maybe we can make this happen.


Here's my roommie striking a pose.
Picture 2
photo by: Karl Giant