Summer Lovin

Circumstances in my life, which are out of my control, have been RIDICULOUS in the past two months.

From taking a trip down to Florida (photo: me and mom in the pool) to say goodbye to my parents who are leaving the U.S.A. for good (They return to Uruguay),
to mourning the death of a co-worker,
to the fucking Bronx Court making a mistake that caused the DMV to suspend my driver's license tagging my record with a Drug Conviction!!!! Yeah, they put another Adrian's charges on my record. I'm in the process of clearing my name and having the DMV reinstate my license.

Emotional overload indeed!

Good news is that
I got a new sexy and fun roommate,
I quit smoking
lost some unwanted weight
got the old rock band together for a reunion concert
started reading my first fiction book in years (The Road)
and I've been enjoying meditating on my rooftop while enjoying the summer breeze.

So all and all, it's been a pretty good Summer so far.

This past Friday I've received "The Hunger Games" trilogy which I hope to start reading soon as I'm done with The Road. I never got into the Harry Potter or the Twilight books, but when a coworker told me about The Hunger Games I thought "This is right up my alley."

Have you read The Hunger Games? What did you think?

How is your Summer thus far?

BTW - More Amnesia videos coming in the Fall. That girl's been on a much needed vacay! ;-)


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