Are You Ugly Enough?

As I step off the F train at the Essex Stop, I see them. Two ugly hipster girls walking towards the exit.

I know what you're thinking, "How ugly are they?".

Oh, they are ugly, “U. G. L. Y. you ain't got no alibi they UGLY”.

Their hair seems to not have been trimmed, combed, nor washed in months. They wear flower dresses that look “sticky.” Rolls. Overbites. Their hook noses aren’t as hideous as their double chins; and if having flat asses and legs that resemble bows will be fashionable some day, then these specimens are ahead of their time.

The sight and smell of them got me thinking, “ Has New York City become a refuge for Ugly Girls?

I mean, here they are two ugly girls in their early twenties, out and about smiling and chatting as they walk off the train station to God-knows-where (perhaps the Ugly Convention?). As repulsive as their bodies look, they seem perfectly happy going about their business in public.


"Ugly Girls in public?", I whispered to myself as I follow their trail up the stairs. Does this happen in Middle American too? Or are the ugly girls shut-ins, hidden from the world? Do they stay at home ugly crying as Oprah would say, watching reruns of Buffy and stuffing their repulsive faces with lard as the tears roll down their acne infested cheeks? Oh, did I mention that these two ugly girls had terrible, absolutely terrible skin.

We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Heck, I've confessed to talking to ugly guys at bars in the past and enjoying it! I've been accused of giving into pre-Feminist ideals of beauty.

That being said these two ugly hipster girls have sparked my interest .

Is the city a refuge for ugly girls? Is it the only place where they can roam and go about their business without fear they might get hit on by some douche? Do ugly girls leave the house and drive to places in Middle American? Are they seen in public, walking in malls?

(Oh, let me be clear here, I'm talking about UGLY GIRLS, not FAT GIRLS. Some chubby girls are very very pretty)

Ugly girls...

I would love for ugly girls around the world to send me photos of themselves in public. 

I will put together a panel of judges which will determine if the ugly girl in question is ugly enough to be part of the project. Think of it as a reverse America's Next Top Model. The goal is not to select the prettiest girl out of a bunch of models, but instead to compile as many self-portraits of the ugliest girls in the world out in public enjoying themselves. We'll start a site where we'll post all the photos of ugly girls around the world. We'll call it

Ugly girls, are you up for the challenge? Start snapping those pics of your ugly asses today!

If you have a girlfriend you think is ugly enough to be part of this project please forward this post to her.



Mail a photo of your ugly face to

*My friend thinks this is mean spirited. To which I have this to say:
mean spirited is America's Next Top Model. Telling girls that only 1 out of 13 girls is pretty enough to be a model.
This project is about celebrating the collective ugliness of some girls! There is a deep beauty in that. UGLY GIRLS UNITE!

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