Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Pie. Period


It was a Saturday night. Hurricane Irene's relentless rain kept coming down...relentlessly.

My friend Bjorn, (Driver in Getting Amnesia ep#1) was helping me dry off my foster daughter Lucy after her bath when I noticed the blood. It was just a drop on her back right leg. I dabbed it but I couldn't see where she was cut. Then two more drops on the floor. OH OH, that's when I realized she didn't have a cut.  Little Lucy had become a woman right before our eyes.

I couldn't run out and get her maxi pads being that there was a hurricane blowing outside so I thought "what would Macgyver do?" I grabbed a wee wee pad and some duct tape and went at it.  Result was a fashionable diaper that even Lady Gaga would wear.  Then again Lady Gaga would wear just about anything.


Luckily the night wasn't a complete bust. Bjorn and my roommate Jason made a fantastic banana cream pie to celebrate Jason's "guy friend's" bday.

That night as my ceiling and Lucy's vagina leaked we had ourselves some champagne and pie.


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