Is Transsexualism a Mental Illness?

"So, do you think Transsexualism is a mental illness?" asked my friend as he prepared dinner.

Answering a question like that is like explaining how electricity works. For most of us all we need to know is that if we pay our bill we'll have electricity.  If we don't pay our bill, it's lights out.

"Well.." I said reluctantly, "if you tell me that I'll be "cured" by taking hormones and then getting a medical procedure then I guess transsexuality IS a mental illness. If there's a "treatment" then it must be an illness right?"

That being said, IF aligning your body to the image your mind has of yourself is a mental illness then why is seeking a breast augmentation, if you're a biological female, not considered a mental illness? If getting a boob job was a mental illness then most of California would be filled with sick sick women.

Personally I feel calling Transsexuality a mental illness is ridiculous and it causes more harm than good.

We are all leasing our bodies.  Why can't we then change it to our pleasing?

What do you think? Is Transsexualism a Mental Illness?

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