Men's 3 Major Enemies

Straight guys have it rough. Dealing with lady issues can drive a man loco.

Last week my straight buddy Fred came up to me and told me about this girl he's been dating. Turns out Fred is just not that into her. YET Fred could not bring himself to say NO to her when she asked him if he'd be interested in hanging with her last week.  She basically asked him out on a date.

This is when Fred came to me and asked what he should do.

I started by telling him that Men have 3 major enemies that complicate their otherwise peaceful lives.

The first one is:

1) Hornyness

Men will do some stupid shit, and stupid bitches because of this.("bitches" is an affectionate term. Guys understand this term)

The second enemy is one that most men will admit to

2) Laziness

If a vagina falls on their lap they might as well go for it, says their internal Lazy voice. Not realizing the shit storm that she will put him through once he tries to get out of the situation. Some times you just have to say NO to a free sample. There's nothing like working for your meal.

And the third enemy men face is one that many guys won't admit to because of fear of coming across as "weak"

3) Loneliness

Once they kiss a girl and they feel her softness, even if she's not the guy's ideal chick, she's got a pulse and she keeps you company so why not keep her around. It's hard to say "No" to a chick that gives you attention. Guys will think, "I'll keep her around until something better comes along," or "a crazy bitch is better than no bitch at all." THAT is loneliness talking.

I believe Fred shows signs of a little bit of all three of these enemies. Sure, Fred can keep dating this girl and even sleep with her if he wanted to but he's mentioned that deep down inside he wants something more. He wants to fall in love with a girl.

As long as he doesn't give into these three enemies, his true love is bound to find him.

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