People are people, we know this.
As much as we try, we simply can't help wanting to scream at them "STOP IT ALREADY"

A Brazilian man fathers 50 children with many women. Really dude? I don't mean to question your parenting skills but something tells me those kids didn't really spend to much time with his dad.

14 year old Jamey Rodemeyer kills himself after years of taunting. Really dude? LISTEN UP KIDS, DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. Take a self defence class and kick your bully's ass if you're attacked. If schools aren't going to take care of a child's right to learn in a safe environment then let the kids turn schools into war zones. At least when kids fight each other administrators and teachers HAVE TO step in to break it up. If the faculty won't stop the bullying then they will have to step in between two kids who are physically fighting each other. Unless of course the kid brings a gun to school in which case, good luck faculty. Maybe you should have stopped they bullies while you had the chance.

Black guy gets offended from white students who showed their Jamaican spirit by painting their face black. REALLY DUDE? Clearly this is a one sided story via CNN but COME ON!!! Lets hear from these white students. Maybe being too racially sensitive is not the best way to go about handling this situation.

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