Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Dessert is Bananas

Over the weekend I saw a chef, on the TV show Chopped, use deep fried hot dog in a DESSERT!!!
I was like "WTH?"

But then I tried it.

Here's my take on the deep fried hot dog dessert.

Deep fried hot dog covered in confectioner sugar, S'mores Luna bar on top of a banana puree with chocolate chips garnish

The deep fried hot dog was the best part of the dish. The confectioner sugar adds a sweetness to the usual salty dog. The banana puree refreshes the palette, and the S'mores Luna Bar gives you a healthy kick while filling you up.

Trust me, it was mmm mm Good!


1 Hot dog
1 Banana
1 S'mores Luna Bar
1 tbsp confectioner sugar
1 tsp regular white sugar
a few chocolate chips

Deep fry sliced hot dog in vegetable oil, until crispy. Take out to dry on paper towel. Sprinkle confectioner sugar while it's still hot.
Smash banana into a puree using a fork. Sprinkle with regular sugar.
Cut s'mores Lunar Bar into 6 pieces.
Put it all together like in picture.
Makes two servings