Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alyssa Goes Out

Today's viewer mail and photo submission comes from up North.
Alyssa writes:

Blonde In Bed

This particular photo was taken via webcam after I returned from my first excursion in public as “Alyssa”. This occurred in the fall of 2010. The day started with me just planning on driving around for a couple of hours, just to be outside of my house en femme for the first time(not including Halloween). At one point during my drive I realized I would need to get gas to make it home. I got to the gas station, which was quite busy and still day light, and very nervously got out of the car to pump the gas. Unfortunately the only pump open was one where the debit/credit card wasn’t working so I would need to pay inside. I debated whether to do that or find another station. For some reason, I was feeling very brave and decided I would use the pump and pay the cashier inside. Even though I know I was shaking with nerves when I walked to the cashier, it was a complete success. A guy held the door open for me and called me “Miss” and the female cashier also called me “Miss”. I was so pumped that on my way home I decided to make another stop at a local thrift store to buy an outfit I’ve been admiring for a few weeks. Once again, the stop was a huge success. I was greeted by a nice lady who was very helpful and even complimented me on what I was wearing and praised my choice of purchase. I have no clue if she knew I was a guy, but she didn’t indicate she did.

So, in this picture I am wearing the outfit I bought that glorious day last fall.

I hope this photo pleases you enough to post it on I have wanted to share this picture for so long, so thank you so much for giving me the platform to do just that.

With Love,


Thanks Alyssa for submitting your photo.  I LOVE stories about outings like yours.  It's always fun to be a lady in public isn't it?

Thanks again Alyssa.  Hope to hear many more stories and see many more photos from you.

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