McRib is Back

I wasn't going to document this but the shear grossness must be shared.

After watching a video by littlebiggerchris where he talks about his struggles with fitness and nutrition - btw simple solution do the P90x Program and get the app - I decided to show Chris that we are all human and sometimes we make poor decisions regarding our nutrition.

Enter the McRib.

I approached the counter with two McDonalds Monopoly winning pieces in hand for one medium fries each. The cashier said It was only one per customer only to change his mind after a second. "Just give me both of them" he said while extending his hand. I hastily maneuvered the second winning piece over the counter and into his hand as my eyes darted upwards to the two foot tall photo of the McRib sandwich above his head. That's when I heard the words come out of my mouth for the FIRST TIME EVER, "and also, a McRib sandwich please." Sweat automatically started rolling down my forehead.

This sandwich apparently only shows it's ugly head once a year, and although it's been around since 1982 I've never ever in my LIFE tried it .

Today would be the day.

So what if the sandwich may contain chemicals found in gym mats, my total after tax for two menium fries and a McRib was only $3.69

Now THAT is a recession lunch special if I've ever seen one.

Sure, one minute after eating it I felt like I'd swollowed 20 packets of salt!

WATER I NEED WATER!!!! An possibly a defibrillator.


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