Friday, February 24, 2012



As part of her collection Morphogenesis, Pauline van Dongen developed a shoe design which is 3D printed. After her previous experience in designing and making shoes and winning the Sacha Golden Heel Award with her design ‘Vertigo’ (January 2010) she wanted to also create a complete image for her graduation collection of her master at the Fashion Institute Arnhem. The shoe design has been developed in collaboration with Dutch company Freedom Of Creation. The innovative technique of 3D printing gave her the opportunity to translate the sculptural feel of the garments into a rigid form in polyamide. Pauline was able to created without any borders, everything was possible! Resulting in a sculptural form with organic lines. The polyamide shoes, made with 3D printing, give a futuristic look and feel to the overall collection.
Photography: Mike Nicolaassen