Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Idol, Who Made It? Part I

Last week I picked my 12 favorite American Idol contestants from this season.

Who from my picks made it to the top 24 so far?

Results below.

Jessica Sanchez - - Made the Top 24
Jessica Sanchez

Elise Testone - Made the Top 24
Elise Testone

Eben Christian Franckewitz
Eben Christian Franckewitz

Reed Grimm - Made the Top 24
Reed Grimm

Phillip Phillips Jr. - Made the Top 24
Phillip Phillips Jr.

Lauren Gray - Did not make the top 24
Lauren Gray

Joshua Ledet - Made the Top 24
Joshua Ledet

Jen Hirsh - Made the Top 24
Jen Hirsh

Heejun Han - Made the Top 24
Heejun Han

Deandre Brackensick
Deandre Brackensick

David Leathers, Jr.
David Leathers, Jr.

Colton Dixon - Made the Top 24
Colton Dixon

Tune in tomorrow to see if the rest made it