UGLY is the new BLACK

You may recall that last year I made a call for photos of UGLY GIRLS IN PUBLIC! Being that "UGLY" is so prevalent I thought I would be inundated with photos. Instead I got ZERO brave ugly girls to send me their photos.

Well, fear not reader, where I failed someone else succeeded... sorta. got their readers to send in photos of their "Morning Faces" AND "Bare, Unphotoshopped Bellies."

There's even a second morning face gallery.

I know I shouldn't feel like a total failure since technically these are not the same as my Ugly Girls in Public project. Why? Because some of the girls in the "Morning Face" photos are actually good looking, except they don't have any make up on. And secondly, they are not out in public.

So there is still hope that ugly girls will rise up to the challenge.


Mail a photo of your ugly face to

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