Willam Interview

Throughout my career I've been fortunate enough to have interviewed folks that inspire, entertain, and excite me: Dolly Parton, Rupaul, Perez Hilton, and the list goes on. So when a friend of mine told me he was designing a hat for Drag Race contestant Willam and asked me if I would like to interview her for this humble site I had to say yes.

From the start it seemed the other contestants on Drag Race had it out for Willam. Willam does have a particular style of humor that may not sit well with some folk but I totally got her.  I know comedy can hurt.

Naturally I had to ask her how she felt about the other contestants and her experience on the show.  She was gracious enough to reply with some great insightful and honest answers.

So, here goes:

What do you want people to know about your experience on Drag Race?
I want people to know I respect traditional club/bar drag even if I come off like I have a holier-than-thou attitude with other queens on the show. Here's my thing- I want to be stunned. I don't wanna see a perfectly polished Madonna or Cher. I want to see something new that YOU create. Parroting back a perfect reflection of Cher like how Chad Michaels does takes a stunning amount of talent and I respect that. I see Chad first and foremost as a brilliant celebrity impersonator and secondly as a drag queen. Seeing him do Marilyn Manson or Lorraine from MADtv is always a hoot but seeing someone who makes me say "I wish I thought of that" will always be first on my list. Sharon Needles made me do that a lot while working on RuPaul's Drag Race (as did Chad with his crazy wrestling character from ep 4.2 and Phi Phi's Mad Max ep 4.1 look).

I saw that you left a comment on Queerty.com explaining a few things.  
I comment back on other sites and search my own name so I can reply to people who are talking good/bad/otherwise about me. I didnt become an entertainer because I was shy or because I didn't want attention. So yea. I encourage it and will Google the fuck outta my name.

So far I've noticed that the other queens don't seem to "get you."
If other queens don't "get me," it's because they need to realize we were all there for our own reasons. Maybe I went on the show just to have a good time and have RuPaul tell me I'm pretty. Maybe they went on because they wanted NYX Cosmetics (don't call it makeup!) for life. I dunno. The fortunate thing is "What other people think of me is not my business" is one of my favorite RuPaul quotes/life lessons.

Also I have a warped, sarcastic sense of humor and many flyover states tend to think I'm mean. Comedy comes from pain historically so maybe I'm letting my inner fat kid out to yell too much. But oh well. What's shot is shot and I wouldn't have changed anything I did on that show. Wait- that's a lie. I would've been nicer to production. I yelled a lot. A camera clocked me on the head once and I'm convinced that was Jesus's way of telling me to be nice to the crew even if they were non-union.

Are you currently working on new project. I've yet to see Ticked off Trannies with Knives, but I'm told that you were fantastic in it.
You have very smart friends then! I was amazing in it (and 20 lbs heavier). I think I'm shooting a companion piece to that film with Israel Luna within the year called Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus. It all depends on Katherine Heigl's availability.

Is there anything that you'd like to explain/share with the general audience?
I'd love people to keep up with/call me an asshole to my face through twitter @willambelli or my Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/officialwillamfanpage

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