101 Crossdressing Coaching

I've been asked repeatedly by numerous crossdressers if Amnesia offers any type of 101 coaching on how to be the best femme self you can be.

As you know, I unofficially launched my photography service site www.TransFormPhotos.com. And you've probably seen some of the transformations I've done.

I truly enjoy transforming a client with makeup and capturing their beauty on film. The only draw back is that there is only so much you can fit in conversation while I'm focusing on makeup application or taking someone's photo. So naturally designating separate time for talking sessions about crossdressing and all that it entails makes sense.

I love crossdressing and every crossdresser I know feels the same way. But crossdressing is still very much in the closet in society. These are topics and feelings not often express/explored verbally because there is often negative judgment on the receiving end.

There is no negative judgement here.

With that in mind, Amnesia is contemplating creating a curriculum and offering 101 private crossdressing coaching sessions here in New York City. You will have the opportunity to spend some time with Amnesia discussing anything that is on your mind.


Levels of personal acceptance of your crossdressing (purging of clothing items)
Levels of acceptance by friends and family
Overcoming Fear, guilt, and shame

Expressing your deep desires and Fantasies
Verbally exploring your fantasies

Coming Out
To tell or not to tell?
Communicating your crossdressing reality to others

Going Out
How to maneuver in Public
Safety when dressed

These talking sessions will be like having a best friend listen to your situation, help you explore options, and share beauty secrets, all while wearing heels and rejoicing in all things femme.

I understand that living as a crossdresser has many stages and in most cases it's a life of partially living in the closet.  These talking sessions will be designed to help you feel free.

Life should be about exploring all aspects of beauty and having fun. Amnesia will help you explore those aspects and will encourage you to have fun.

Amnesia will be there during your crossdressing journey.

More to come...

Below is a video of the latest transformation  we've done


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