Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brave New City, Again


Today's weather was spectacular! Light cool breeze and the High in the mid-to-high 60s. Perfect weather for a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. That is just to what I treated myself.


The clouds showed their fluffiness through the bridge's wires.

As I was closer to the Brooklyn side of the bridge I noticed a carousel below in the distance. I had never noticed it during the past few times I had crossed the bridge. I simply had to see it up close.


As I got off the bridge I made a left into Dumbo. I found myself at Brooklyn Bridge Park's beautiful  Main Street Lot (camera phone pic doesn't do it justice)


The sound of the crashing waves was incredibly relaxing.  The carousel in the distance called my name.


There it was, Jane's Carousel. Even through the glass you couldn't help but feel the magic.


As I said goodbye to the beauty of Jane's Carousel I found a peculiar structure staring at me. The structure is called the Tobacco Warehouse. It's a roofless structure with a total size of approximately 25,000 square feet, offering an 18,000 square-foot, column-free footprint.  It felt pretty surreal to step inside, walk to it's center, lift your head and look at the sky through where the roof would have been.


I had a feeling the subway would be to my left yet I decided to make a right turn instead. There were some lights calling my name. Sure enough they lead me to The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. SWEET!

When I first moved to New York back in the fall of 2002 I used to wander around the city. I would have no destination in mind.  The goal was to simply walk and let the streets dictate where I would end up. Today I experience just that. Discovering a piece of the city (in which I've lived in for the past 10 years)  for the very first time.

Today the city delivered it's beauty and I took it in for the first time...again.